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== Working versions ==
Deluge 1.3.5 <br/>
[https://wiki.btguard.com/uploads/Deluge.app.1.3.5-1.x64.tbz2 Mac] <br/>
[http://download.deluge-torrent.org/windows/deluge-1.3.5-win32-setup.exe PC] <br/>

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Bug in Deluge/libtorrent
Some versions of Deluge will not work well with proxies due to a bug in libtorrent 0.16.x.
Please check which version of libtorrent is running on your system.
Most Deluge builds come with libtorrent 0.15.x but some also come with libtorrent 0.16.x that has a known bug with proxies. A fix has been found and we're waiting for it to be released.

Working versions

Deluge 1.3.5


Setup Instructions

Download Deluge

1. Click on Preferences or hit CTRL+P


2. Click on Proxy
3. Enter the following for ALL fields
Type: Socksv5 W/ Auth
Host: proxy.btguard.com
You can also try with fix.btguard.com or ca.btguard.com
Port: 1025
Both username and password are case sensitive. Make sure not to add/forget Capital Letters.
4. Click OK
5. Click Save and restart Deluge

This is a very fast torrent that will allow you to perform an accurate speed test.