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We DO NOT recommend encryption on the proxy.
It only works with TCP, which means many torrents will not work because they require UDP. Your IP is still safely hidden without the encryption. If you really desire encryption we suggest switching to the VPN by contacting support.

BTGuard Encryption

FOR ADVANCED INSTALL USERS ONLY! The easy BTGuard package already includes encryption.

BTGuard Encryption creates an encrypted tunnel between you and our server. This is designed for people whose connections are throttled by deep packet inspections that cannot be bypassed with just a socks5 proxy (BTGuard by itself with just the proxy settings). People who are also extremely concerned that their connections are deeply monitored may also consider adding this extra layer of protection. Make sure you complete the initial BTGuard setup on your BitTorrent client before adding the encryption.

1. Download and install BTGuard Encryption 2.0 (Version 2.0 Released March 26, 2010)
3. Start BTGuard Encryption (accessible via start menu)
4. Open your BitTorrent client to where you originally setup the BTGuard proxy setting, change "" to ""
5. Restart your BitTorrent client!

Remember that BTGuard Encryption must be running for your BitTorrent downloads to work now. (accessible via the start menu)