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Setup Instructions

1. Download the BTGuard certificate.

2. Open Chrome and go to: chrome://settings/certificates then to the Authorities tab.


3. Click on Import...


4. Locate and Select the certificate file you just downloaded then hit Open.


5. Hit OK.

6. Restart your computer now or the certificate you need to add later won't show up


7. After restarting your computer, Open Chrome and go to: chrome://settings/.

8. Click on Add connection then on Add private network....


9. Fill in the following information:

Server hostname:
Optional: To manually select your server location, please use for Canada or for Europe or for Singapore.

Service name: BTGuard
Provider type: OpenVPN
Server CA certificate: BTGuard CA [BTGuard CA]

Enter your username & password then click Connect
Both username and password are case sensitive. Make sure not to add/forget Capital Letters.

Setup Complete!


How To Connect

1. Click on your user image in the bottom right corner then on VPN.


2. Select BTGuard.


3. Click on Connect.

You are now connected!