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1. Download the certificate from

2. Add the certificate into Chrome,

- in Chrome, go to: chrome://settings/certificates (certificate manager window opens)

- click on the Authorities tab

- click on import and point to the certificate you downloaded in step 1 and click open

After this, you might want to restart the Chromebook, I didn't and things didn't and the certificate you need to add in step 4 doesn't show up until after I restarted

3. Go into settings (wrench icon, if you click on user picture in bottom right corner of screen), under Internet Settings, click on the +Add connection

4. Click on Add private network, complete the following

Host name:

Service name: BT Guard (or whatever someone wants to call it)

Provider type: OpenVPN

Server CA Certificate: BTGuard CA

Username: your BTGuard username

Password: your BTGuard password

OTP: Leave blank

5. Click connect

The WiFi icon in bottom right of screen changes when connected to a vpn and when you do an ip lookup, you should see you are now in Canada :)