OpenVPN Mac OS X 3.5

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Setup Instructions for Tunnelblick 3.5.8 (older version 3.4 here or 3.2 here)

1. Download the Tunnelblick Installation File.

Official Download Page

2. Run the downloaded file and click on Open.


3. Enter your Mac password and hit OK.


4. Click on Check Automatically.


5. Click on Check for change.


6. Click on I have configuration files. Click on Done.


7. Click on OK. Click on Done.


8. Download the OpenVPN BTGuard Configuration Zip and open it.

9. Double click on openvpn-all.tblk


10. Pick whichever you prefer depending on your needs.

Sometimes this window will not appear and nothing happens when you do step 9. If this occurs, just quit Tunnelblick and repeat step 9. Tunnelblick should automatically open and you should see this window.


10. Enter your Mac password and hit OK.


11. Click on OK.

12. Repeat steps 8 to 11 for each configuration you might use.


13. Find the Tunnelblick icon in your menu bar (top right), click on it and select VPN Details.


14. Select one of the configurations on the left and click on Settings.

15. Uncheck Monitor network settings.

16. Repeat steps 14 & 15 for each configurations.

Setup Complete!


How To Connect

1. Click on the Tunnelblick icon in the menu bar and select Connect btguard.fastest or any of the other servers.
If BTGuard (Fastest) doesn't work, please try BTGuard (TCP). All Config files use the UDP protocol except BTGuard (TCP).


2. Enter your BTGuard username & password and hit OK.

Both username and password are case sensitive. Make sure not to add/forget Capital Letters.

You are now connected!