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You risk breaking your router when using a custom firmware!
Proceed carefully and make sure your router is compatible!


These instructions are ONLY for users who already have a dd-wrt compatible router flashed with the latest version of the firmware. If you haven't flashed your router, please check the links on the right. Make sure your router is supported and read through the dd-wrt instructions to flash your device.

Router used for this tutorial: D-Link DIR-825 rev. B2 was used,Firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (05/27/13) std build 21676.

If you're having issues with OpenVPN, please try the OpenVPN method.

Check List

  • Check both Model and Revision of your router to get the correct firmware.
  • Router must be configured to connect to the internet. (connected to modem through WAN port)
  • Firewall on modem must be off.
  • Time & Date & Time Zone on the router must be set correctly. (Setup > Basic Setup > Time Settings)


Setup Instructions

Please fill in all the information as shown in the screenshots to the left.

Both username and password are case sensitive. Make sure not to add/forget Capital Letters.

Once this is done, Save the changes you just made, reboot your router and after a couple minutes you should be connected.