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Setup Instructions

Download Vuze
1. Select Tools->Options
2. Select Advanced on the right


3. On the left, click on Connection. Uncheck all Peer Sources except "From a tracker".


3. Click on the > aside Connection
4. Select Proxy Options
5. Checkmark Enable proxying of tracker communications
6. Checkmark I have a SOCKS proxy
7. Enter the following information:
Port: 1025
8. Checkmark Enable proxying of peer communications
9. Checkmark Inform tracker of limitation
10. Select Socks version V5
11. Checkmark Use same proxy settings for tracker and peer communications proxy


12. On the left, click on the > aside Tracker, then select Client.
13. Enter "0" in the box "Override announced TCP port for tracker announces...".
14. Click Save and Restart Vuze!

This is a very fast torrent that will allow you to perform an acurate speed test.

Side Notes

When using Vuze with a proxy, incoming connections are not supported (
This means you will have a yellow smiley face next to your downloads and you will be receiving warnings from Vuze "Listen server socket on ... does not appear to be accepting inbound connections."
Vuze indicates the status of the SOCKS proxy in the bottom right corner. If you see it switching from yellow to green and vice versa, it is normal and this happens when Vuze is switching servers. No need to worry though as nothing will download without going through our servers when this is happenning!